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Our Testimonials

  • Monique (NE): offered me a complete service during my thesis creation. I asked them for an outline, a draft and we got to an agreement. Therefore, I highly recommend the service to any undergraduate student looking for assistance.

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  • Annie (SD): I was completely on my nerves without any clue as to how to deal with such a tight deadline. I had tried to develop my dissertation from scratch in vain. I was lost in translation and creation. offered an affordable service which completely paid off.

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  • Lexi (VT): Writing is somehow a troublesome task for most students, especially for those who are not used to producing content in writing. This was my case and I was desperate when I found this service online. It was the best call!

  • Ewan (DE): People argue that paying for a dissertation is not legitimate but sometimes you pay to learn, right? Some other times, you pay for the time. If I had had the time, I would not have done it so well.

  • Gemma (NJ): My initial problem was the lack of orientation from my advisors. Then, as time went on, the issues increased and the problem escalated out of control. I needed their expert help to handle the assignment.

  • Ana (ME): is the first service that I hire for a writing task and I will definitely rely on them in the future whenever I need an expert hand to create any documents. Thanks for the help!

  • Tommy (UT): An amazing service that was not overcharged. They assisted me much more than I initially expected judging the rates. Therefore, I have to say that their quality-to-price ratio is quite appealing. Recommended!

  • Bev (MS): The most surprising feature of the service was the proofreading hands down. They managed to come up an error-free document which I could not have created on my own. As a result, I got an A, thanks!

  • Alissa (NC): I didn't get the orientation that I required to accomplish the objectives of my dissertation on my own. I had had a bad experience with another service in the past but one friend recommended me this company. It worked perfectly!

  • Judy (SC): Looking forward to hiring you again in the future! You did a flawless work on my thesis and I am very thankful. The quality-to-cost rate is formidable.

  • Dale (FL): They saved my assignment! I had no clue as to how to organize my work. On top of that, I am not the best writer out there. Their staff helped me a lot in every step of the creation process and provided excellent documents.

  • William (WA): I am very happy about the decision I made hiring this service. The quality was above my initial expectations, they shared their insight about my project and I could make educated decisions on the process. Neat!

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  • Times New Roman, 12 pt
  • Double/single spacing
  • 300/600 words per page
  • APA/MLA/Chicago style
  • 1 inch margins
  • Title page
  • Reference pages

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  • free Title page
  • free Outline
  • free Plagiarism report
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